Must Haves for the Parent Photographer

With entry level DSLR cameras becoming more affordable and flooding the market, more and more parents have been becoming the head photographer of the household. The following are some tips & tricks for all those parent photographers out there.

Photo Editing and cataloging:

If you don’t feel like paying for Adobe Lightroom there is a great free application by google called Picasa 3.
Screenshot 2014-07-07 01.58.41







Along with basic editing capabilities and upload to google, a catalog feature allows you to organize your photos.


Prime Lens’

Now that you are able to swap lens’ being able to choose the right lens for a shot is key. Most people assume that a zoom lens is better to have because you can have a close. or wide shot in one lens, but for most situations you will be shooting in low light.  Zoom lens’ generally have a smaller aperture which means less light gets to the cameras sensor. Instead you should opt for prime lens; these are lens with only one fixed focal length. These fall into three categories; wide-angle (10mm-24mm), normal or standard (35mm-80mm), and telephoto (above 80mm). Prime lens have much larger apertures allowing for better photos in low light situations. When indoors standard and wide lens should be used and when outdoors, such as at sporting events, it is better to use a telephoto lens.


Off Camera Flash:

These usually run between $150-$250 and are the most versatile tool for photographers I suggest getting an off camera flash that can swivel these can be pointed away from your subject for different lighting effects. The best way to learn how to use one of these is to play around with them.




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